JOIN OUR CLUB! A Note From the Founder:

We are so excited to open the doors and welcome you to our MMM Member's Club.

Our first membership is EMERALD level. But why EMERALD?

You might know already that I am Irish, and this year, it is 20 years since I moved to London from the Emerald Isle, however my Irish roots are still deep in my heart (have you seen our brand icon?). Tom also proposed to me with an emerald stone-he knows me well and knew I would want to design the ring myself! And so, the Emerald felt like a fitting icon for our new club.

EMERALD MEMBERSHIP has amazing perks, discounts & benefits. Imagine always having that perfect card in the drawer, well that's what happens when you are in our club!

Have a look at what else in on offer, we are confident you will want to join and we can't wait to welcome you in!

Love Carol


So What are You Waiting For?