Collection: Under The Sea

Carol has always found the sea to be one of the most magical & mystical wonders of our planet. This collection has been in the depths of her head for a couple of years now. We are so pleased to be finally launching Under The Sea on our new website for you to enjoy.

We wanted to ensure this new print collection worked for everyone and every interior imaginable. Due to the extreme level of detail in Carol's hand paintings, which adds so much character and sophistication, we can see these prints featuring in all sorts of rooms from nurseries to bathrooms to kitchens to restaurants to bars to teenage rooms to studys. You have just discovered our most inclusive collection yet!

Created using a mix of Dr Martins inks and gouache paint, the collection includes a variety of sea creatures from an octopus to a sea turtle to a tiger shark (Max's request) 

Now your only problem is choosing which is your fave....... good luck!